About Us

biopsy slidesxMD Diagnostics, Inc. is a molecular diagnostics tools company focused on developing a line of laboratory instruments and consumables for the rapidly growing research, biopharmaceutical and commercial clinical laboratory (CLIA) precision diagnostics markets. xMD’s goal is to significantly improve pathologists’, oncologists’ and other physicians’ ability to diagnose, monitor and treat patients with cancer and other serious genetic diseases.

xMD’s goal is to enrich samples to enable downstream molecular  testing. Its line of instruments and consumables have the potential to transform what today is either an expensive research instrument or a crude manual process (known as “razor scraping”) into a precise  highly automated work flow, thus improving accuracy and efficiency, while simultaneously dramatically lowering costs.

xMD offers a rapid (minutes vs. hours), cost effective and precise method to procure target cells. It has the potential to dramatically lower  QNSs (“Quantity Not Sufficient”) outcomes that are estimated to be the cause of 15-20% of all sequencing tests “failures” and the resulting need/risk of either the patient having to undergo a repeat biopsy procedure or receiving an erroneous test result. Importantly, these same benefits extend from the patient to the lab, allowing the laboratory top provide the highest quality results and reduce QNS.

Enabling the pathway to successful molecular diagnostic testing